Recycling at Concord

Concord e-waste is a top provider when it comes to the services of recycling and reusing the trash of IT, the materials which can actually be very harmful to the environment. We ensure to comply with all the protocols and standards which are provided by the government bodies and which strictly harm the environment and the health as well. The recycling services provided by our company helps in lessening the solid waste almost by 30%.

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Recyclable Products:


Networks Switches and IT Equipment
Medical Equipment and Test Equipment
CRTs and LCDs
 Notebooks and Laptops
Copier and plotters, TVS, Printers
Ipads and Iphones
Motherboards, Wire, Copper and Power supply
Computer and servers

Benefits of getting the Electronics Recycled from us:


Re-use and Re-market
Offer Buy Back Program
Local Recycler
Secured and Safe recycling
Re-Market and Re-Use
We also provide a certificate of Destruction
Free Pickups for corporations and businesses